Cooler weather and the changes that come with it

Rainy day in the garden

This time of the year is always busy.  While I have vended my last day at the Clarksburg Farmers` Market, there is still a lot to do.  Tasks are moving more towards planting green manure cover crops on next years garden.  This helps hold the soil in place against wind and water run-off.  It also builds resiliency in the soil by fostering a HUGE amount of life, most of which can`t be seen my the naked eye.  Eventually the green manure crops I am planting will winter kill or be worked into the soil and a bloom of microbial life will thrive in its decay, making for more resilient soil and as a result, better vegetables and herbs next year.

I am also gearing up to plant and mulch garlic, as well as put some finishing touches on the greenhouse so that it is ready for winter and seedling production early next spring.

I have started accepting deposits for the 2012 CSA.  I would like to have a drop-off in two of the following three locations; Collingwood, Thornbury and-or Ravenna.

So contact me, Mike, and tell your friends and neighbours too!

These giant sunflowers will soon help the blue jays stock up for the cooler weather

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