A visitor to the garden

You’ll never guess who tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear the other day while I was working in the garden.

I had just headed into the house for a toast break when I noticed in the mirror that this giant praying mantis was perched on my shoulder.  Not wanting to risk a bite to the ear or something worse I quickly went back outside and moved this amazing arthropod to a forgotten fence post.  Then I rushed back inside for my toast and camera.


While I am no expert, this looked to me like a robust female, one who possible just ate her mate, or maybe it is one that is stocking up for the winter.  Either way, it was a nice break from harvest, and a good reminder of all of the often unseen ones who benefit from wide ranges of pesticide free zones.  This broadens the meaning of Community in Community Shared Agriculture.

P.S. I have started receiving down-payments for 2012 Summer CSA shares and there are still spaces left.  E-mail or phone today to reserve your spot for a weekly dose of nutrient-dense veggies.


mreid5363 @ gmail.com

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