Address –> 587530 9th Sideroad, RR 1

I want to make clear, the mailing address for Kolapore Gardens is as follows:

587530 9th Sideroad

RR # 1

Clarksburg, ON

N0H 1J0

Deposits can be mailed to the above address or appointments may be made for cash payments.  The phone number is 519-599-5363.

Since I am writing a post I thought I might as well tell you about a few important events…

Come out for some amazing food, music, and company, and voice your resistance against a mega quarry that would jeopardize drinking water and destroy farmland.

Another timely issue is that of raw milk.

Michael Schmidt is fighting a battle to market unpasteurized milk.  It is my belief that if someone doesn’t want to drink raw milk, they shouldn’t.  By the same right, if there is demand for it, why stop a farmer from meeting that demand.  I have seen Schmidt’s milking room: immaculately clean.  I have also seen his dairy herd, which to me seemed both healthy and happy.  We are seeing more and more food safety dangers emerge from a highly centralized, industrialized food system.  I’d like to see a return to more localized, diversified food systems, and I think farmers like Michael Schmidt have a place there.

Here is a link for more info about this issue:

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