Working Shares

I have modified the optional Working Share model.  There is no required labour for a regular share.  For those looking to save a few dollars while also getting their hands dirty may want to read on.  Here is a brief outline:

Opting for a Working Share means a $60 savings, as well as a commitment of 8 hours of help on the farm.  The 8 hours can be all at once, or broken up into two or three parts.  Working Share Members will have to sign up for their volunteer dates in advance.   For more detailed info, take a look at the Sign Me Up! page.  Please note, some info on that page has changed.

In 2010 I mulched my first garden sight here, with scavenged cardboard and composted horse manure. This is now the sight of many perennial herbs such as oregano, thyme, sage, sorrel, winter savory, chives and lovage.

Here`s another approach to prepping a garden sight. A plowed field lies beyond the tractor used to plow it. The white post is an irrigation spigot.

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