A Diversity of Seeds

All of the seeds are in!

Where I could, I’ve selected certified organic seeds.  I will not be growing out any seeds that have been treated with fungicides or anything like that.  I have also made an effort to buy seeds from farm-based seed companies, however I have also bought seed from larger seed houses. 

While I love working with heirloom varieties that have stood the test of time, I will also be growing out some hybrid varieties of vegetables this year.  In the past I have tried to stay away from hybrids, since they are more easily controlled and distributed by larger seed companies (some of which are pretty nasty to put it lightly) instead of small scale, farmer-owned seed companies.  However, often hybrids show an improved vigour and uniformity, which for the markets, is important.  That being said, the majority of the seeds I’ll grow out this year will still be open-pollinated and often heirloom varieties.  Studies have shown that heirloom vegetables can be more flavourful and more nutritious!  Check out a short article about just that at http://www.motherearthnews.com/Organic-Gardening/Heirloom-Vegetable-Advantages.aspx

If all of this talk about hybrids and open pollinated heirlooms leaves your head spinning, a simplified explanation can boil down to this:  There should be lots of amazing vegetables to feast on this summer!!!

a snapshot of a few of the many kinds of seeds I'll be growing out this summer

I encourage people to still grow a small garden for themselves.  Even if it is simply a tomato plant or two and a few favourite herbs.  Gardening can be a great way to unwind after a hectic day, and there is nothing like slipping out to the back garden to get some fresh herbs as a garnish for dinner.  If anyone is looking for small amounts of seed, I would be happy to offer a few of the varieties of vegetables I have saved for seed for sale or barter.  These include several tomato varieties as well as heirloom beans.  Please contact me if you’d like more information.  Also check out my previous post, Solstice Seeds, for a few helpful seed companies.  I have two more to add as well.  One is Tourne Sol Co-operative Farm,  and the other, which is more local, is R S Lahman Heritage Farm, near Tara, Ontario.

There are still spots available in the 2012 seasons CSA, so the deadline for application will be extended until the CSA is full.  Stay tuned for updates about pick-up locations and times!

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