Turkeys That Can Still Reproduce By Themselves & Rose Skidding Logs

Turkeys that can still reproduce by themselves are a threatened phenomena on farms in North America.

The standard white turkey that has been bred for lots of meat, maximum feed conversion, and quick growth, often grows so quickly and so large that natural reproduction becomes a physical impossibility.  The result is an industry based on artificial insemination.

So you can probably understand why I was so excited this morning when I found a few little chirping chicks under the protective wings of my brooding turkey hens, who have been sitting for about a month.

Can you see the little yellow chick under those hens?

And here’s an update on the layers I got as day-olds about a month ago…

And finally, here is a short video of Rose and myself skidding some logs which I will use to heat the wood stove as the seedlings are reaching for the sun in the greenhouse.


So what does all of this about turkeys, chickens and horses have to do with a vegetable farm… well not only do I look forward to offering CSA members first dibs on amazing eggs, and possibly meat, but I also hope to do at least a little bit of field cultivation with the help of a draft horse.  In addition to all of this, all of the manure from these creatures, when composted, makes an excellent soil amendment!

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