Clearing the Path for Co-ops

There will be a meeting in Owen Sound at the Ginger Press this Sat at 1:00 pm about co-ops with a special focus on those related to food and farms.

(If anyone went, I’d be interested in hearing more about the meeting)

Interested in creating a local food co-op?  How about farming co-operatively or creating a farmers’ co-op?  This meeting may be right up your ally.

A great example of the co-operative spirit in practice. Wolf guards the flower beds in exchange for shade.

Hannah Renglich from the Ontario Co-operatives will be, as she says: “offering an overview of the co-operative movement in Ontario, providing specific information on different ownership structures as well as activities undertaken by co-ops and I will speak to specific innovations in food and farming co-operatives in the province, addressing common challenges as well as successes and opportunities afforded through the co-op model.”

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