The Ides of March

This warm weather has offered a great opportunity to get a jump start in the garden.  The fields I’ve prepped are still too wet to work, but not so for the beds I shaped last year!

Row-cover dispenser in action - WOW!

I enjoy working by myself, but there are a few tasks that come with market gardening that are easier with a few extra hands.   Normally, applying row cover is one of them, however, I rigged up this row-cover dispenser which made the job a breeze!

Row cover helps not only with season extension, by creating a slightly warmer micro-climate, but it can also act as a barricade, effectively protecting crops from pernicious pests.  It still allows sunlight and precipitation to pass through, and feed the plants.

I’m still quite busy in the greenhouse…


The nursery
Safely secured against the wind

I checked out the website for the Kimberley General Store, where I’ll be having my pick-ups for members living in Kimberley, Eugenia, Flesherton, and surrounding area.  There is an amazing video posted on the website – Check it out, this highlights some of the best aspects of this gem of a store, including the bluegrass that so commonly fills the air there!

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