Music mends the heart and mind!

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Everyone knows good music is important.  Studies have been done on the effects of Mozarts masterpieces and how they help strengthen focus, other studies have shown patients heal more quickly after surgery if “classical” music was played during the operation.

Well transplanting, that is, picking up roots and moving from one home base (or land base) to another, can be stressful, painful, and down-right challenging.  I try to keep this in mind while I’m busy potting up tomatoes, peppers, sunflowers and marigolds amongst others.  When the robins aren’t serenading the atmosphere surrounding the greenhouse with their lively songs and soulful discussions and the sound of the wind through the trees isn’t calling my attention, I sometimes put on some soothing music while working in the greenhouse.  I know it helps.

If there are any musicians reading this, interested in serenading the greenhouse, now full of young seedlings, with beautiful music please let me know, and come join in the celebration!!!

Take an week ago, a view of one of the garden sights, illuminated by the setting sun over Duncan.
This patch is still partially covered with rye and triticale and in some spots, oat and buckwheat residue.

Last year I worked up roughly four acres – some were fields that hadn’t been plowed or worked with in many, many years, others were former garden sights of friends and neighbours that needed a little TLC.  I am happy to say I have put 2.5 acres into cover crops (peas and oats) which I will incorporate later in the season.  I have started to prep the roughly 1.5 acres that will be in production this year.  With so little snow, and such unusually warm weather, the ground has dried up remarkably quickly.

I’ve also moved a new batch of baby chicks into a small coop within the chicken coop, so they can run around and keep each other warm, but are still protected from the bigger (and not always so kind) chickens, turkeys and ducks.

Finally, I’ve been busy weeding the rogue dandelions that are sprouting up in the garden and greenhouse, and making fabulous salads and soups with them.  A friend and I made a wonderful dish, combining parsnips, garlic and dandelion root in a stir fry – served over a bed of the braised greens and garnished with some fresh parsley and perennial onions that have overwintered – it was surprisingly delicious!

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