Getting in the Ground

I have been busy seeding and weeding in the gardens and potting up seedlings in the greenhouse.  I’ve even transplanted a few brassicas.

Don`t let this photo fool you, I didn`t actually prep this seed bed entirely with the wheel hoe shown in the foreground.
Some nervous seedlings being carefully guarded by the ever-alert sentinel
It`s a bit of a gamble, but these seedlings couldn`t wait another day to get their feet in the soil and set root.

I have put in a collection of cold-hardy crops interspersed with a few marigolds and calendulas.  These have since been covered with row cover to keep them warm through the still chilly nights.

I have also seeded quite a few root crops as well as some herbs, and peas.  Here we go!

While I`m not stoking the fire in the greenhouse every night now, I still have to on the cold ones.

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