Weekly Boxes Available!

Well the season is well underway, and we are moving from an assortment of asian greens, spinach and peas towards more roots and fruits such as beets, zucchini and more!

If you aren`t already a member of Kolapore Gardens CSA, it is far, far too late to sign up for this season.  However, I am happy to announce that I will be taking orders for weekly baskets of veggies.  The contents of a weeks` basket will vary, from week to week, reflecting the flavours of the seasons.  They are almost the same as what the CSA members get each week, so it is a great way to see if you may want to join in CSA in the future.

I am happy to meet people who have reserved a box at either the Collingwood Farmers`Market, the Clarksburg Farmers`Market, or at the Kimberley General Store, to deliver their veggies.  These are places I already deliver to, plus great locations to grab other wholesome foods such as meats, breads, and preserves.

Please contact me, Mike, by e-mail – mreid5363 (@) gmail.com or phone – 519-599-5363, to reserve a box.

Things on the farm have been going great!  I`ve had some help picking peas, which is always nice, and have been busy weeding, seeding, and enjoying the amazing live music at both of the farmers markets I sell at – if you haven`t already, YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT!  Here a few pictures of what I`ve been up to lately…




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