Soup de jour – Hamburg Parsley

As the first hard frosts bring an end to this seasons’ tomatoes, peppers, marigolds, and thistles other crops are just starting to come into their own with exceptionally sweet flavours.  While some crops like brussels sprouts and cabbage start producing more sugars once the frost comes, others like parsnips, carrots and root parsley convert existing starches to sugars.

Cold Thyme

I’ve been busy making soups and I thought I’d post a few recipes.  I don’t normally use recipes myself, and that makes each meal unique, but I understand that they can help get the creative juices flowing, so here we go…  To find them you can go to the recipe page on this website, where I have posted a few new soup recipes.  I have also listed simple instructions for making an excellent broth, a key ingredient to most of my soups.

Here`s one I`m especially happy with – it is super simple, and very delicious.  A testament to this particular vegetables`qualities, I thought I should highlight one of my garden favourites, root parsley…

Hamburg Parsley Soup

In butter I sweat off onions and garlic (can also use coconut oil).  Add broth and chopped parsley root.  Cook until soft.  Sometimes I`ll also add the leaves from the root parsley, or curly parsley, but other times I prefer the soup with out.  You can add coconut milk or cream to this, but it is delicious with out them.  I usually season this with salt, pepper and thyme.

Dead simple.

This weeks autumn basket recipients got a taste of butternut squash, carrots, swiss chard, green onions, parsnips, garlic and yes, root parsley (among other veggies).  My best guess for next week at this point is: kale, brussels sprouts, beets, and more of the staples like onions, garlic and squash.

I`ve also posted a recipe for Curried Squash with Carrot and Coconut Milk.  While they take a long time to ripen, one taste of a freshly roasted butternut squash is all it takes to know why the wait is so worth it.

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