Local Food Thornbury ~ Local Food Kimberley

In addition to offering weekly deliveries of fresh veggies into Collingwood I am happy to now also offer:

1. Weekly deliveries into Thornbury– Saturdays, 1-2 pm at a central location

2. Weekly deliveries into Kimberley – Monday evenings – more details to come!

Please place orders by Thursday mornings so I can plan my harvests for the week and make sure I have enough of what you’re looking for.  I am also still offering pick-ups at the farm, near Redwing.

In other news, the gardens, chickens, horses and farm in general seem to have survived that latest string of windy & wet weather we’ve been experiencing.  It looks like we’ve finally got all of that rain many farmers were probably silently praying for under their breath everyday from mid June to mid August!  And then some!  Luckily I’ve got 99.9% of my garlic for next year safely planted, and my newly established cover crops of rye, in addition to some remaining vegetables, seem to have done an effective job of holding the soil as water ran across my lower garden sight a few days ago – phew!

Rogue Purple Osaka Mustard, just waiting to spice up someone’s soup, sandwich, wrap or salad!

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