Not all medicine has to taste terrible!

It is true, some of the most effective medicines in the world, especially some very powerful plant remedies, taste absolutely terrible!  But not all medicine has to taste awful, some can even be down-right delicious.  The medicinal properties of food are not as acute as other medicines, however, when put to use wisely, over months, years, or a lifetime, they can have profound effects on our ability to ward off disease, adjust to the process of growing older (and wiser), and keep us in a state of strong vitality, so we are less susceptible to contracting this or that illness that come to us by way of well-intending friends, children and grandchildren.

Food, along with breathing, drinking liquids, and being in relationship with other beings, is one of the main pillars by which with nourish our lives, and one of the most intimate ways we interact with the world.  By eating a meal, we are making a pact to become one with all of the best that is in that meal – that’s pretty intimate.  We literally are what we eat, and our health history can be mapped by looking at our blood cells, our finger and toe-nails, even the way our tongues look in the mirror when we first wake up!

We are all battling our own vices and bad habits.  It is our own affirmation to heal our lives, and let go of unhelpful addictions (be they to substances, thoughts or behaviour patterns) that is the most important key to help us rediscover, in every waking moment, our complete, awe-inspiring aliveness.

We will certainly need some discipline, friends and family for support, and maybe even a little luck, but wide-eyed gratitude for this blessing which is life is our gift for having been born here, and if we aren’t feeling that, or if we’re only feeling it here and there, we have some serious work to do!

I am still accepting applicants for next summers CSA, and as of today, I have:

  • Three spots left for Collingwood
  • Eight spots left Clarksburg

So if you’re interested, don’t delay – sign up today!  Just think, what better way to say “I love you” than by investing in weekly pick-ups of super fresh, organically grown vegetables, from only a hop, skip and a step away!  A share in the CSA could make an excellent holiday gift for those last-minute planners out there.

Thanks to everyone who supported Kolapore Gardens by joining the CSA, buying veggies from me at the markets, preparing amazing meals with food grown at the gardens, helping out with weeding, mulching, harvesting, and digging a root cellar!  Thanks also to everyone who lent support in other ways, be that a listening ear, some guiding advice, or a place to get started.  Your support has made for a great season!  I am starting to settle into hibernation mode now – the garlic is mulched, the root cellar is almost finished, and the hens are happy in their warm, dry coop.

Have an amazing solstice and here’s to the days starting to lengthen!



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