Earth & Fire

Welcome to March!  Even though it still looks like deep winter out there the days are noticeably getting longer, the temperatures milder, and all of this means spring is just around the corner!  There are only two spots left in the CSA for 2013, if you have been thinking about signing up, now is the time!

001What is this?


Any guesses yet?004Any idea now?

Well, the first two photos were the result of a camera whose shutter doesn’t open by itself completely, and a photographer who didn’t know this.  All three photos are action shots of the root cellar excavation that took place last November on a cold, and at times windy, weekend.  A team of helpers came out to the farm on Saturday & Sunday and with the help of this conveyor belt, we excavated enough room for someone like my self to stand upright, laid drainage pipe and back filled it (again with the help of this conveyor belt) with gravel.   PHEW!

The area is kind of like a basement to one of the outbuildings here at the farm, and even through the coldest weather of January & February, the steady temperature of the earth has kept this room from dipping below zero.  Since this picture was taken I have insulated the walls and ceilings, to hold that warmth from the ground.  It is an excellent way to store plenty of root veggies as it is cold and moist – the two most important factors for keeping root vegetables crisp and fresh!

I have a few fall crops left for sale from the greenhouse, including:

              Leeks – $3/bunch

              Parsnips – $2/lb

              Root Parsley – $2/lb

I regularly make trips into Collingwood, and can do the same for Thornbury, so let me know if you would like to meet up and stock up, and I’ll let know when I next expect to be in town.

I have also gotten the greenhouse going.  That’s right, WE’RE COOKING WITH FIRE!  Soon I’ll be starting seedlings and watching them grow.

Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Earth & Fire

  1. Hey Mike, no offense but whoever took those photos needs to have their noggin checked. How ignorant could this person be? A half-opened shutter and a obstructed viewfinder is just that. I’ll bet you this is the same kind of person who thinks it’s okay to stare at a photo of the sun. The sun is the sun… it still hurts your eyes.


  2. hey mike

    would you be willing to let me know which seeds you’re starting when? I think kim edwards would be interested as well.

    I’m interested in what you learn about the sweet spots in time for starting seeds, with an eye to the growth and harvest for our area.

    margaret also gave me a biodynamic calendar, which might be interesting to you.

    cheers stacie


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