Everything comes in its season.  Last year we had an unusually early start to the season, and at this point in the season I had already started the CSA.  This year things are moving a little slower, due largely to cooler temperatures – excellent for crops like lettuce, although they are still slow to size up.

The first pick-up days for years` CSA will be Wednesday June 19th and Saturday June 22nd – which means the season will continue on until mid-late October.  A few notes for new members – once the veggies start, they won`t stop.  If you find items are starting to pile up, soups can be a great way to put any veggies getting a little `long in the tooth`to good use.  You can also simply blanch & freeze many vegetables, for adding to dishes later in the season – or if you`re feeling adventurous, wild fermentations such as krauts & kimchis can be a great way to preserve lots of different veggies.

Everything comes in its season.  First things first – stock the medicine cabinet, then the pantry.  As some of you may know, I spent a good number of years formally studying cultural anthropology, with a focus on both food systems and ethnobotany.  Two of the most fascinating ways humans interact with plants (in my opinion) happen within the realms of herbal medicine & the use of culinary herbs to season and enliven food.

Over the past little while I`ve been working on creating not only a garden that I enjoy to be in, one that can feed myself, family, neighbours & broader community, but also heal.  While working in the garden can be amazingly relaxing at times, I also enjoy growing plants that offer unique properties.  Since we`re all still waiting for the veggies to come on in full force, I thought I`d take this opportunity to showcase some of the amazing plants that have made their way into the gardens by bringing a sampling to markets.

Keep your eyes peeled for the following freshly harvested (and organically grown!) herbs at a farmers`market near you!

  • Enlivening French Tarragon
  • Exquisite Greek Oregano
  • Suave Thyme (2 kinds)
  • Awakening Spearmint
  • Colourful Chives (with the flowers!)
  • Relaxing German Chamomile
  • Cleansing Borage
  • Playful Lemon Balm
  • Refreshing Smokey Fennel
  • Russian tarragon (its good, I just don’t know how to describe it – some folks say it enhances the flavour of foods)
  • Endearing Sage
  • and much, much more!!!

If you have a special request, please let me know – I`d be happy to harvest what you need for you & bring it to market.

I`ll also be bringing a limited supply of green garlic, wild spinach & rhubarb – so get on it while the gettin is good!

Here`s a few photos of the past couple of weeks – I hope you enjoy…

floating row cover can help raise the temperature for crops & keep bugs at bay
some more brassica seedlings that went in a little while ago – picture here are turnips, broccoli, kohlrabi & pak choy
everything is greening up nicely at the farm – phew!
Hi my name is Mike, I`ll be here at the Clarksburg Farmers` Market every week until Thanksgiving
I worked up this part to grow veggies in last year, only to discover it is perennially wet with water very close to the surface for most of the growing season – this puts the root zones of plants in an anaerobic condition – not ideal for growing – so I`ve seeded it back to a pasture mix and the killdeer seem to be loving this little piece of paradise



One thought on ““farmacopeia”

  1. Our CSA is starting a little later than usual for the same reasons. Our Spinach, Bok Choy, Kale, Collards, Lettuces, and Peas love this cool weather (no bolting, yay!) but they are slow growing.


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