no news is good news

Its been a very busy few weeks but I’d like to remind you all, that when it comes to this blog, it is probably best to assume that no news is good news.  You can trust that we are doing what we love, working in the gardens to the serenading symphony of birds, crickets and other creatures.

There has been more and more talk of massive die-offs of bees and other insects due to insecticide-treated seeds – want to learn more, take action or network with others working to ban neonicitinoids by 2014?  Check out these websites:

Ban Neonics (facebook campaign)

Friends of Pollinators Grey/Bruce

And befriend your local beekeepers – these people have their fingers intimately on the pulse of these pollinators…


This weeks CSA baskets include:

beets, baby cabbage, cauliflower, tri-colour beans, cucumbers, zucchini & summer squash, assorted tomatoes, fennel, garlic, either lettuce greens, swiss chard or kale, a choice of fresh herbs and watermellon radishes!!!  (see the slideshow for a sweet pic of these amazingly delicious treats – just peel & eat them raw straight up or on a salad).

Some of the main tasks we’ve been working on lately include weeding, hilling potatoes, seeding, flame weeding newly seeded carrots, and lots and lots of harvesting!  Other than working in the gardens, here at the farm we’ve been busy making kimchi, mead, battered & fried zucchini flowers, dill beans, cilantro pesto, and a huge variety of gourmet meals for breakfasts, lunches & dinners – something which as given rise to a new mantra here on the farm…



I hope you enjoy these photos…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “no news is good news

  1. Mike: The produce is delicious, like your blog and the photos are lovely. Keep up the great work. Christine


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