savour the flavours of seasonal life-affirming vegetables & herbs

The gardens have been abundant, sending CSA members home with lots of tomatoes, carrots, beets, potatoes, kale, cabbages, onions, garlic, squash, parsley, and a variety of other culinary herbs.  Some less common cold-hardy crops such as root parsley, white & black salsify, celeriac, shallots, and sunchokes will be appearing in CSA baskets as well as leeks, more varieties of winter squash and hopefully some fall greens, including arugula, spinach, mixed lettuces and more!

A neighbour passed along this link to sign a petition to ban the use of neonicotinoids in Ontario (a fatal insecticidal seed coating used widely by chemical farmers here that appears to be decimating wild and domestic bee populations at staggering rates)

Ban NeoNics Ontario…

Life has been full and rich here at the farm.  With threats of frost looming ever closer we have ramped up our efforts to finish the greenhouses to provide an oasis of warmth (if only for another month or two) as soon as possible.

We have a farm tour scheduled for 2pm on Thursday the 19th.

We will be discussing our growing practices and philosophy, examining some of the tools of the trade, touring the gardens, visiting the laying hens as well as learning about a variety of ways to extend the growing season in an effort to provide nutritious local food to the surrounding communities year-round.  Information about our winter basket program as well as our CSA will be explored with an up-close look at this weeks`CSA share.  Call or e-mail if you`d like to join in on the farm tour – don`t forget, farm fresh eggs are always available at the farm gate – $5/doz – free range, pastured & fed a certified organic feed that I source locally.

Have a splendid week and don`t forget to take time to savour the flavours of local seasonal life-affirming vegetables & herbs!


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