Small is Beautiful

Accepting new members for this year’s CSA program

It took a while, but I’ve surfaced from the depths of intense crop planning for the coming season and I’ve got a brand new planting calendar in my hands!  A well laid out crop calendar is one of the most important tools of the trade for a market gardener.

If there is a theme to this years’ planning, I would have to say that it’s “Small is Beautiful.”  Kolapore Gardens is home to 2 acres of biologically intense market garden.  Rather than seek to expand the geographic range of the gardens I am focusing instead on developing the resiliency and health of the soil, to produce an abundance of high-vitality vegetables and herbs from a relatively small area.

Kolapore Gardens C.S.A. –  A. B. C.’s

For those who don’t know, by signing up and paying in advance of the harvest season, customers received a discounted price on a wide assortment of  fresh, organically grown vegetables and herbs.

Vegetables are picked up weekly and share contents are widely adaptable, so members can pick and choose exactly which vegetables they take home each week.

There are two share sizes to choose from this year:

  • Small shares are suitable for an individual or a couple who keep their own vegetable garden or eat out frequently.
  • Full Shares are suitable for most couples or a family.

I have availability of both share sizes, and they are being offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Call or e-mail to find out more or sign up 20140214-131356.jpg


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