On the Wings of Red Winged Black Birds – its Spring!!!

“Eating is an agricultural act” ~ Wendell Berry

There’s something in the air, can you sense it?  I’m not  sure if it came on the wings of the red wing black birds a few weeks ago, or the robins more recently, or if it was generated in the ruminating guts of young deer who seem to be popping out of the woods all over the place, but its here, it feels good, and it makes me think of spring!

It has been a long winter and I think we’re all ready for a little more sunlight and the warmth that comes along with it by now!

The greenhouse has been feeling like a tropical oasis, and the young seedlings inside seem to be LOVING IT!  I’ve been working on my tan as I seed and water seedlings (I’ll spare you any photos until the tan actually materializes).

Here’s a photo of  steam billowing out of the greenhouse from a few weeks ago…

photoIn other news, it must be spring because 99 laying hens landed at the farm a few weeks ago!  How exciting!  I’m, already enjoying the fresh rich eggs from these organically fed and soon to be pastured hens!!

Stay tuned, next post I’ll tell you about the new varieties of tomatoes I’m developing to meet the specific needs of Kolapore Gardens (and fit with my own judgement of what makes an outstanding tomato).

One thought on “On the Wings of Red Winged Black Birds – its Spring!!!

  1. Awesome news. Looking forward to having some of those eggs. Great posts. Keep them coming.


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