The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged

The pace of life on the farm is steadily picking up as we get ready for summer. The small heated greenhouse has been completely filled with seedlings three times at least. The two new greenhouses are full of life and many seedlings are being hardened off in preparation for their final home in the gardens. Daniel has returned for a full season apprenticeship and we’ve been busy cleaning up the gardens, seeding, potting up seedlings and shuffling them around to make space!

The hens are now laying well and we have eggs for sale!

There is a film screening tonight at the Gayety to raise finds for a new Collingwood public seed library. The film is called revolution and is about the necessity of change for humans to coexist on earth – not to be missed! For more info about the film visit:

There are still Small and Full Shares available in this summers’ CSA. If you are passionate about good food & sound agriculture we want to grow for you!

Here are a few photos of the farm, enjoy!









One thought on “The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged

  1. Mike, I love your CSA program! Here are my top 3 reasons for participating:
    -Supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture
    -Fresh highly nutritious seasonal produce at a great value
    -Supporting local farmers in our community who are making a difference

    Keep up the great work! 🙂


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