Festival of Flora

May first is a celebratory day not only as May Day, a day for workers internationally, but also more traditionally as Beltane.  Being relatively equidistant between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice, it is an important seasonal marker.  Beltane is a spring festival in which intentions are set for the coming season at a time when nature’s potency can be felt, heard, and smelt no matter which way you turn.

Traditionally, communities would perform rituals on Beltane to protect their livestock, crops and each other, and to set fortuitous intentions for the season to come.  A festival of flowers, its a true celebration of the warming of spring!

So how will we be celebrating Beltane and May Day here at the farm?  Well by working, of course – luckily most days we love what we do, so its really a pretty sweet deal!

We’ve been busy seeding and potting up seedlings, moving the chickens’ fencing around so they can get a good feast of fresh grass and not completely run down the patches where they’ve been grazing, and making some great meals.

Here’s a few photos of  a frittata I made last week, topped with goats cheese, baby green garlic and fresh sorrel leaves – I shredded some of the last of the winters’ beets into this frittata, as well as included plenty of garlic, hot pepper and spices, as well as a bit of cream.  Baking the whole cast-iron pan in the oven makes for a simple prep, and rustic presentation!

So, to finish up, I thought I’d share a few of the intentions we’re holding for the coming season here with the gardens.  Let me know some of your intentions for the coming season for a chance to win some potted herbs, eggs, or a guided farm tour by yours truly! (Use the comments section below)

Here’s to a safe, healthy and fun season with a rich bounty and plenty of opportunities for celebration with loved ones!








2 thoughts on “Festival of Flora

  1. We removed large trees from around the hitherto not very productive kitchen garden, as well as trimming several nearby. Intentions are to continue to focus on this one area and the raspberry patch.
    Looking forward to warmer weather, but am not wishing for any, as I have been cautioned to be careful for what I wish.


  2. My intentions this season is to create an oasis of herbs veggies n edible flowers all around my BBQ n patio area! Nothing better for great flavours in the the BBQ n even better inspiration creating new dishes!


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