Update From the Gardens

With the heat of summer upon us there is no holding back here at the farm. Currently we are filling the garden up with seeds and transplants while also trying to nip any emerging weeds before they get too strong of a foot hold.

Given the conditions this spring we expect the CSA to begin in late June with the first weekly pick-up. I will be contacting all members prior to the first pick up as a reminder.

There are still a few spots in the CSA for pick ups in Clarksburg , on Thursdays.

Both the Collingwood and Clarksburg Farmers Markets are underway now, and there is an excellent assortment of vendors at both.

I wanted to briefly introduce Daniel, who has been working with me in and around the gardens. He has been such a tremendous help around the farm and so here he is, in his own words.
See you soon,

– – –

Hi there, my name is Daniel and I’m apprenticing at Kolapore Gardens. Some of you who were members last year may remember me. I came to the farm in the middle of the season and probably met you at the farm or Clarksburg or Collingwood markets. It’s really exciting to be able to come back this year and see how things happen – right from seed.

Before coming here, I had been living in Toronto for ten years via Ottawa and several other cities in Ontario that I’ve called home. While there, I began to study toward a master’s degree in Adult Education and Community Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. My interest in ecological farming came to be both part of my academic and extracurricular activities. I got involved with Dig In – Campus Agriculture and Hart House Farm and began to learn more about the process of growing vegetables in urban and rural settings. Given this life direction and some time becoming available (due to taking a leave from my masters), I found this amazing opportunity to further my knowledge through an actual apprenticeship on this beautiful 2 acre ecological farm in the hills of the Blue Mountains.

Mike is a great teacher, employer and friend too and his strong emphasis on the educational aspect of this apprenticeship is much appreciated (AND very much needed by me) because there is so much to learn. I’m looking forward to a great season and strongly encourage those who can make it to come out and visit us (and maybe even help out for a day or even a few hours) at the farm to see where and how we produce the highest quality ecologically grown food we can for you.


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