Lunar Pull

Momentum has been gaining and the gardens are providing more and more for the dinner plates & bellies of wonderful people dotted throughout the communities surrounding the farm!  The days are long here at the farm and full of weeding, harvesting and other projects such as creating improved cold-storage facilities.  Despite the hard work, I am truly blessed to have both such long sunny days and friendly helpful people surrounding me to accomplish all of the necessary tasks.  It is truly amazing when seemingly insurmountable tasks get stroked off of the to-do list by means of teamwork and a bunch of gardeners willing to dig in & carry on.

While it is always hard to know exactly what will go in each weeks basket until the actual day of harvest, at this point this weeks shares look like they will contain the following veggies:

Beets, tomatoes, snow peas, mesclun, zucchini & summer squash and some fresh herbs. 

As usual CSA members have the option to switch & swap any veggies for others to personalize their shares.  So far we’ve had a good run of arugula, head lettuce and asian salad greens.  We will be making the shift over the next few weeks from CSA shares rich in nutrient-dense cleansing spring greens to more grill-friendly veggies to celebrate bbq season!

Here are a few photos from the farm I took today – any guess what kind of larvae this is feasting on milkweed in the greenhouse?  Do you know what the four legged creature is we found in the carrot patch today?

photo 4 monarch

photo 5 unnamed salamandar1

5 thoughts on “Lunar Pull

  1. Mike

    Great Pics, answer to questions, Monarch Butterfly and Newt. Really enjoyed this week`s basket. Keep up the good work.

    A dozen eggs this week please.

    See ya Saturday.



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