BBQ’d Fennel

So the bulb is easy enough – you can roast it, grill it, fry it or chop it up raw in a salad.  But what do you do with your fennel tops?


We have a number of grill-friendly offerings coming out of the ground this week, here’s a sneak peak of some of the veggies we’re dishing out this week to help you plan your meals…

Fennel, fresh garlic, zucchini & summer squash, scallions, kohlrabi, head lettuce, swiss chard or salad turnips, tomatoes & sweet thai basil.  There will also be the options to swap for kale, and a few other crops to personalize your share.

Many of these veggies can be cut into large pieces, oiled & grilled on a BBQ or open fire, or cut a little finer & cooked inside a pouch made of tinfoil.  And for those of you just waiting for a reason to polish off that wok of yours, you will have all of the fixings for an excellent fresh summer stir-fry – sweet thai basil goes well with coconut milk and curry!

Just a reminder that I won’t be at the Collingwood Farmers’ Market this week as it is cancelled, keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail from me about the alternate pick-up location for Saturday morning.


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