Ol’ Man River

As the first planting of zucchini and summer squash start to slow down, after a long haul, the field tomatoes are really starting to come into full production (better late than never!) Here at the farm we have been especially wooed by the big, dark, and incredibly flavourful Paul Robeson tomatoes, as well as some delicious medium sized slicers such as cosmonaut volkov.

I’ve heard a lot of moaning & groaning about the weather this summer, but I must say, all things considered , it’s been a Fabulous growing season! It’s seasons like this that really help new growers like myself hone-in on their craft and tweak their systems towards perfection. Given disturbing predictions of more frequent extreme weather events, farmers, market gardeners & the rest of us in the Georgian Bay Area have really been blessed so far (touch wood).

This week’s bounty includes:

Head Lettuce

And, depending on your pick up location, some folks will get to take home leeks, cabbage, ground cherries (excellent as a garnish for desserts!!!), sweet red peppers, and/or baby eggplant

As usual, the option to swap items for baby summer squash, kale, Swiss chard or a few other goodies will help folks personalize their shares.

In celebration of our favourite tomato of the week – Paul Robeson – here’s a video of the singer & civil rights activist singing Ol’ Man River – Enjoy!!!

Ol’ Man River





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