Moving the Greenhouses

I decided to move the greenhouses early this week since the ground may never be as dry here this fall as they were on Monday.

In May I transplanted tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and basil into two 48 ft X 20 ft greenhouses. Last month I seeded spinach in front of these two structures for a winter harvest of cold-hardy greens. Here’s a few photos of what happened on Monday…





What you can’t see is my neighbour & I pulling them with our tractors. Thanks to everyone who’s helped out with the greenhouses over the years, especially the Carrot Cache for their helpful grant.

This weeks harvest will likely include acorn squash, carrots, baby beet greens (just steam or sauté like chard or spinach!), onions, garlic, soup celery & mixed salad greens, with a chance of sweet peppers and tomatoes.

We also have plans to continue offering mixed vegetable baskets well into the fall, after the Farmers Markets end, so stay tuned for more information about those.

Have a great week,

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