Que Sera, Sorrel

“Whatever will be, will be”

This time of the year we practice flexibility & adaptability – who knows what the weather will be like! So far we’ve been extremely lucky to get a strong start on the fall chores here without temperatures becoming too chilly to work in.

Some of the fall chores around here include planting next years’ garlic, cleaning up garden beds for next spring, storing storage crops and spreading compost.

But we still get to harvest, and speaking of that, here’s this week’s pick list…

French Sorrel (great raw in salads, mixed with other greens, or made into soup – see the link below)
Baby Arugula
Italian Parsley

French Sorrel is a sour perennial green with a refreshing flavour, whether you enjoy it raw or cooked. Here is a link for a traditional polish sorrel soup! Yum yum!


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