Winter CSA Available

With only 2 more weeks of the main-season CSA left after today, we are coming to the close of an amazing harvest season. Almost everything is out of the ground and the root cellar is brimming with life once again.

In lieu of an abundance of some great storage crops I’ll be offering a winter CSA this year which will consist of 6 pick ups – 2 per month for Dec, Jan and Feb.

Crops to expect include onions, garlic, carrots, turnips, kohlrabi, spinach, kale, radishes, leeks, beets, potatoes and more. Pick ups will be available on a flexible schedule at the farm, with members being encouraged to car pool or take turns fetching each other’s shares. If there is enough interest in Collingwood, Clarksburg/Thornbury, and/or Kimberley, a central drop-off location may be possible in these communities.

The investment for the 3 month season is $150 and larger families or enthusiastic veggie lovers may want to sign up for 2 shares. Eggs can also be advance-ordered for a discount: 1 doz per pick-up (there are six remember) for $30, 2 doz for $60.

Contact me for more info.

This week’s shares contain:

Butternut Squash (from Pfennings Organic Farm)
Daikon Radish
Rainbow Swiss Chard

Both daikon and kohlrabi are excellent raw in salads, but can be incorporated into stir fries or stews with great success.


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