Fresh Spinach – How Sweet It Is

What a beautiful time of year – this years’ apprentices arrived last week, the first seeds have found their way into the garden, they’ve been well watered by a gentle rain, and early perennial foods like rhubarb, Egyptian walking onions, and a variety of culinary herbs are awaking from their long slumber.  All of that, and the air is filled with new songs as migratory birds returning to nest.

Life on the farm has been busy, with the new arrivals of laying hens a few weeks ago, some serious tree planting initiatives, cleaning up the horses paddocks after winter and starting seeds – lots and lots of seeds.  The greenhouse is full of tender little seedlings, some just in the cotyledon stage (the first leaves to emerge) while others have quite a few sets of true leaves already.  We don’t need to heat with the woodstove too much any more as we can bank quite a bit of heat on these warmer days.

I had hoped I may be able to offer one CSA pick-up for the month of April, however we only have enough roots in the cellar to feed the farm team here for the next month or two.  However, we do have an abundance of FRESH SPINACH!

Place your orders today ($5 bags), we have quite a bit, but quantities are sure to run out.  We will have bags available for pick-up in Collingwood on Wednesday and Thursday evening this week (April 22nd and April 23rd) as well as in Thornbury next Tuesday evening.  Orders can also be picked up at the farm, by appointment.

There are still spots in our CSA program for the Collingwood, Thornbury and Clarksburg pick-up locations.

I am also excited to announce that we will be having two big work bees at the farm this spring:

1. A greenhouse moving party to move our old heated greenhouse to a new location

2. And – duh dunna dah!  A new greenhouse covering day!  Kolapore Gardens is the grateful recipient of a Carrot Cache Grant and as a result, we will be setting up a new greenhouse this spring to help us grow more heat loving crops like Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers, as well as more winter Spinach, and to make spring seedling production a much smoother, more efficient process.

Keep your ears peeled for opportunities to come help out at the farm as we grow!

Thank you,


mike & the spinach

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