Spinach & Carrots on the Menu!!!

The winter CSA finished up a few weeks ago, marking our 42nd week of production from when we started last year’s summer CSA in late May.  And just as the last celeriac roots made their way to people’s dinner plates I’ve been sowing the seeds for this coming autumn’s celeriac harvest – full circle!

Leek , onion & celeriac seedlings waiting to emerge
To date we have 25000 seedlings that are days away from bursting their seed coatings and spreading their beautiful cotelydon’s to reach the warm sun.

I always enjoy March, as my commitments for deliveries are minimal and I get a chance to reset as the farm shifts gears into new growth, and the first seeds start sprouting.  However, just this week, as I was starting to put my feet up in the hammock I hang in the heated greenhouse, a thought came through – “Mike, you better check those other greenhouses…”

And sure enough, the spinach that appeared every week throughout the winter CSA, albeit, sometimes in limited quantities, has harnessed a new zest for life and is producing new, tender, sweet leaves at an alarming rate.  So we harvest. And harvest.  And continue harvesting!  March can also seem like a barren time when the root cellars are getting low, and often, new greens are but a glimmer in the gardeners eye.  But not this year.

So… The long and short of it is, I’VE GOT SPINACH FOR SALE!!!

You can pre-order bagged carrots & spinach as well as eggs for pick-up at the farm.  Please e-mail me at <kolaporegardens at gmail.com> to reserve your order.  These crops will keep very well, so you may want to stock up.  I also regularly come into Collingwood and pass through Thornbury and Clarksburg, so feel free to inquire about an in-town pick up.

Prices are as follows:

Carrots – $4/kg (an old heirloom variety celebrated for its sweet taste, and high Brix despite long seasonal storage)

Watermelon Radishes – $4/kg (limited quantities of these sweet treats)

Spinach – $16/kg (but I can only fit 500 g in a bag, so it’s $8/500g bag)

Eggs – $6/doz (from hens who are fed an organic ration & seem to be loving the opportunity to stretch their legs & wings outside these days)

Try for rest as I may, it seems that I’ve created a four-season farm that is not only capable, but insists on producing vegetables year-round.


 Thank you & here’s to another abundant season!


10 thoughts on “Spinach & Carrots on the Menu!!!

  1. Hi Mike,

    I would love a bag or two of spinach plus a bag of carrots. Can I come by later this afternoon?

    Many thanks, Sylvie.

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Mike,

    Can we please get 1 doz eggs, 1 kg carrots and 500g spinach next time you’re in Collingwood?

    Many Thanks, Sue


  3. Whenever I read your blog posts I think the world isn’t in such a bad state after all. Well done, Farmer Mike!


  4. Hi Mike   Great news would like an order of carrots, watermelon radishes and 500g of spinach. Pickup when you come for tia chi?Christine Sent from my Samsung device


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