Seedlings Looking For a Good Home!!!

This can be a busy time of year – listen, I know!  We are quickly filling the gardens, tending to the recently emerged perennials & getting ready to start our fifth CSA season next week!

As happens most years around this time, it has become apparent that once again, we have simply started way too many seedlings to put to use here at Kolapore Gardens, so… We’ve decided to share them with others.

And we have quite a selection to choose from…

Available for sale now we have:

Tomatoes (a bit more about some of the amazing varieties we trialed last year and are offering this year below)

Zucchini – a long time favourite – Dark Green Zucchini!

Cucumbers – prolific, open pollinated, and has stood the test of time – Marketmore

Parsley – pretty much an essential in any kitchen garden – just ask Nonna!

Basil – Genovese, another essential

Green Onions – easy to grow and super satisfying raw or cooked

Cabbage – an old heirloom variety called Early Jersey Wakefield – these pointed cabbages are delicious

Cauliflower – Amazing!

Brocolli – You’re bound to gobble these up quickly, just like the character they’re named after –  Packman

Kale – Both curly & black Tuscan varieties available

Swiss Chard – Rainbows of colour

Snap Dragons – beautiful flowers to chase away the blues!


All of our cabbage, Brocolli, cauliflower & kale are sold in six-packs for $4 – the rest range in price from $2.50-$4.00 per pot – jumbo tomatoes may be a little more.

And speaking of tomatoes, some of the varieties I’m most excited about right now are:

Rose de Berne – Giant, delicious, pink slicers from seed grown by Goddess Grown Heirlooms

Earl of Edgecombe – one of he first tomatoes I ever saved seed for, back when I worked on a farm near Lucknow, Ontario – these beautiful orange slicers came all the way from New Zealand, and have gained in popularity for good reason.

Mountain Spring – this is a hybrid variety, and is sure to get to work fast, producing medium sized, red fruits before any heirlooms even think about ripening – ideal for tight spaces or raised beds.

Black Krim – another big, beauty – dark Crimson colours paired with a rich flavour that simply can’t be beat – my all-time favourite for BLT’s and all sandwiches in general.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg – come find us or send me an e-mail to reserve your order.


Where can you find us?   Look for the Kolapore Gardens Sign at the Collingwood Farmers Market, the Thornbury Farmers Market, at the Honey House in Clarksburg starting Thursday the 26th and at the Barn Co-op’s Seedy Sunday May 29th.

Orders can also be made with Stacie at the Kimberley General Store.





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