Shifting Gears

Winter CSA – limited availability remaining – visit the link below for more info

Every fall the farm goes through a huge transformation – the trees turn from a deep calming green to a magnificent display of fiery reds, oranges and brilliant yellow.  Then, the trees shed their leaves, the crew living at the farm disperses for their respective winter plans, the remaining hens get used to a more spacious coop and life goes on.

Its easy to think this is the end, but then again, there’s still plenty of carrots to be harvested, compost to be spread, animals to feed and tools to be repaired.  Really, it’s the beginning of a different side of life at the farm.

Several years ago I started transitioning Kolapore Gardens from a summer-production only farm to a four-season farm, utilizing an earthen root cellar and simple hoop house structures to round out production during what is commonly thought of as the bleakest months of the year.

This, inevitably, results in a lot more work, especially in the summer.  While the idea is to spread the work of a profitable season out over 12 months instead of 8, the transition in reality means summer is busier than ever while we grow and harvest for summer sales AND grow for winter harvests.  But now that October has slipped into November, I must say, this four season farming thing has its advantages.

Fall is an uplifting time as I look forward to some of the most rewarding harvests of the year – those seemingly impossible ones in the depths of winter.  It is certainly a quieter time as the workforce now consists of part-time staff who don’t live on the farm.  While it may be a bit more challenging to motivate myself to get out there and harvest, especially on the days I’m working alone, and especially when the temperatures dip below sweatshirt or hoodie weather – I welcome the challenge and change of pace whole-heartedly.

This year it is my pleasure to offer another round of the Winter CSA.  The program is slated to start next week (Nov 8-12) and will run twice per month from November to February.  For information on what the Winter CSA entails and how to sign up visit

Wishing you a smooth and enjoyable transition as the seasons unfold,




3 thoughts on “Shifting Gears

  1. Hello Mike,

    Great Post! Inspiring, actually. Making the transition from a summer production to a full year require certain courage and risk taking. Good luck with the winter program.


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