Looking Ahead – 4 Murmuring Tickles In My Mind

Last week I posted a reflection looking back as a way to gain my bearings moving into a new year. Tonight, comes the next logical car in that train of thought.

But, before I launch, head first, into what may be Part II of some sort of blog mini series, I feel its important to dispel some myths, just so no one is left with a sorrel-like sour taste after reading this, or a sense of profound disappointment.

Last time I spanned a little more than 11 000 years in my succinct reflection on the past. I’m not going nearly that far.  I’m also not offering “Mike Reid’s predictions on what’s hot in 2018” where I weigh the pro’s and cons of bit coins, give my own assessment on the impeach-o-meter or anything like that. My ideas are largely focussed around the farm dream I have been creating and how that will play out in the next few months and years.

So, without further ado – here’s my four looking forward:

1. The Summer CSA


I’m really excited about the summer csa. It doesn’t make sense from someone looking in really, I’m entering my 8th production season here and I’m not planning any ground shattering revolutionary changes to the program. As usual I’ll be trialing some amazing looking varieties, canning others, and holding onto my long-time favourites. And I’ll likely hit the ground running with some pretty cool tools and plans. But this is par for the course here – why the thrill?

Perhaps one reason I’m excited is the fact that the program sold out before the holidays.

Its comforting, like an old friend, to do something you’ve done before, and I guess that is another big reason I’m looking forward to this summer CSA – it’s like re-acquainting with an old friend.

Now don’t fret! For those of you who have just broken into a sweat at the news of our Summer CSA being full – there are 2 amazing options that I’ll flesh out now.  They just happen to be # 2 & 3 on my list!

2. The Greens CSA cropped-image2.jpeg

So this is new – very new! I’ve told some of you about the Greens CSA, and spaces are filling up, but here is a quick run-down on this one – and I think you’ll see why I’m looking forward to it.

Members get to choose their level of commitment – ranging from 1 to 8 items per week for a 20 week CSA season. Crop selection is varied, although also limited to some of my absolute favourite crops: blended salad greens, spinach, blended micro greens, pea shoots, baby kale, tender arugula, spicy asian mix, and tomatoes – all kinds of tomatoes.

Members of the Greens CSA receive a 20% discount on produce bought in exchange for their financial commitment ahead of the season. (That means an $80 investment returns $100 worth of our best veggies!) Once the program starts, free choice is the name of the game. Members are able to choose amongst all of the products I have available within the realm of greens & tomatoes. Perfect for the home gardener, those with a community plot, individuals, those who simply love greens and or tomatoes, and those looking for a more economic option for getting high-quality produce regularly into their home. For more info visit www.kolaporegardens.com/greens-csa.

3. The Market Pre-Buy Program


One very adventurous eater flew the test run of this last season, as a solo pilot. Their experience helped me to create the 3rd thing I am VERY excited to be moving forward with into 2018.

The Market Pre-Buy Program is designed for free-spirited eaters with refined palettes – those who know what they like, what they don’t, and don’t want to mess around.

Here’s how it works. The first criteria for members is that they must want to commit to eating high-quality, local and organic produce from their local farmers’ markets (Collingwood and Thornbury). In appreciation of those who seem to “truly get it” and are willing to put down their financial support ahead of the season – Market Pre-Buy Members receive a 10% discount on any vegetables, herbs and flowers available for sale at my stall at the farmers market.

So lets say you want to commit to $100 of veggies over the 20 week market season.  Pay only $90, and receive $100 worth of produce. Why? Because the commitment of support in the spring is valued! Another example: $500 worth of produce, or $25/week over 20 weeks would only cost $450 if paid ahead of the season. Then, once the markets start, come and shop – cash free. Tabs are calculated weekly and there is the option to top up your balance whenever you want.  And its no problem if you leave home without the wallet!

I’ll be posting more info about this new program on my website soon.

Spaces are limited for all of the above mentioned programs, with spots offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to register.



With all of these tantalizing vegetable procurement ideas I can almost hear your thoughts – “what can possibly top this guy’s enthusiasm for the Summer CSA, the Greens CSA and the Market Pre-Buy Program?”

I’d say the heart of the murmur of anticipation is that there are so many unknown factors about the year to come – what will the weather be like?  How will this small garden respond after further soil balancing and enrichment last year – who will I meet along the way, and what adventures lie ahead?

I am willing to surrender to that unknown, whole-heartedly, and embrace the unfolding mystery which will only reveal itself it its own patient time, making #4…

Surrendering to the Unknown