From Black Flies to Fox Invaders


Hi!  I’ve been quietly busy, building garden beds and filling greenhouses with seedlings, but I thought I should include a brief update and share some photos!

I’m happy to report that I have assembled what is feeling like a top notch team – and for the first year ever, everyone commutes to work – this had made early mornings and evenings precious periods of near silence around the farm, which is always welcome.

But not complete silence.  We’ve had a hungry mama fox trying to feed her young kits no doubt, and that has been pretty terrible for the hens.  As a result, we have far fewer hens than usual.  We’ve taken to putting Ryley to work guarding the remaining hens, and so far, she’s doing an outstanding job – Good Girl Ryley!

We’re building a new wash station, and the black flies gave us a serious test, with workers pleading for screens & bug torches – but the flies seem to have lost their earlier enthusiasm, thank goodness!

On another hen-related note, egg prices have risen slightly, largely due to increasing feed costs.  Eggs are only available at the farm on a first-come, first serve basis.

Some of the wildlife on the farm is far less concerning than those hungry foxes, and much, more enjoyable – like orioles who are nesting – I’ve never noticed so many orioles around than I do this year!

Finally, our summer Fresh Box is slated to start next week (WOO HOO!!!)  If you haven’t signed up for our Fresh Box Program stay tuned for details on how to order weekly boxes, between all of the garden tasks and growing to do lists, I am steadily working towards being able to receive on-line orders – but it is a busy time of year…

I’ll be sending out a few more updates, with plenty of juicy photos, so stay tuned.  In the mean time – check us out at the farmers’ markets – we have plenty of blended salad greens, fresh dill, cilantro, head lettuce & a few seedlings left for filling those nooks & crannies in your home garden.

Until next time,