Winter Solstice,the Birth of a New Year

Last Market of the Year Tomorrow (Dec 22nd)

I will be returning to the Collingwood Winter market at the Trinity United Church for one final market this year.  Saturday, from 10-1 I’ll be there with as many fresh greens I can harvest.  On the harvest list for today is Kale, Spinach, Salad Blend and Parsley.  Last week we sold out much earlier than I anticipated.  So, I’ll bring more, but it also mean that if you’re keen on getting some good greens, please come early!

What’s Up At the Farm?

The gardens are very quiet right now.  There are no laying hens laying eggs right now.  And as for the gardens, after another busy summer, and giving, giving, giving, the soil organisms deserve a peaceful, cool rest – a chance to recharge.  I like letting the garden revel in its stillness, the peace of winter is a necessary contrast to the demands of summer growing.  This is also a poignant time to thank the mystery of soil that has produced so much good food – sure there was a lot of human intervention, but at the end of the season, its really a very simple and pure relationship between seeds, atmosphere, sunlight, moisture and this living thing we call soil.  We are so truly fortunate to live on this miraculous thin crust of intertwining, interacting relationships we call soil.

Looking Forward

I’ve been farming vegetables for 10 years.  In that time, while I’ve shaped landscapes and coaxed fruit from seeds, I’ve been shaped by landscapes and had fruitful qualities coaxed out of me, most likely by those same seeds.  Its a simple process that has made a profound impact on my life.  In the years since I started growing food in the Blue Mountains I’ve been through some deeply personal changes, which I guess is just part of life, regardless of what you do.  However, some of these have made me see the need to take a step back from my annual routine, to reset the lense, and refocus my vision.  To be clear, at the time of writing this I am in good health, and overall, quite happy.  But I have decided to continue softening my approach to farming – which now means scaling back dramatically while I continue to craft my vision for my next steps, and continue to learn.

It is hard to convey the gratitude and joy the community of people who are in some way connected to the gardens has brought to me.  It is a really precious relationship I’ve valued alot.

Thank you, and happy winter,