Building Skills and Confidence in Market Gardening


Since 2013 we have offered farm apprenticeships with a focus on gaining hands-on skills related to running a profitable market garden business.
Mike Reid, the primary farmer at Kolapore Gardens, has been farming and gardening commercially since 2007 when he first interned as a farm apprentice.   His unique perspective as a young farmer can help others looking to start their own farm business refine their skills and vision in order to move effectively towards their goals.


Our farm works cooperatively with a neighbouring horse farm who provide manure in exchange for helping with hay & upkeep of the farm.  For those who are also interested in working with animals, livestock kept on the farm include laying hens and horses.
We accept 2 apprentices each year and share our skills of:
– Designing crop rotations and garden layouts
– Business Planning
– Building healthy soils & growing nutritious crops
– Greenhouse management for seedling production, summer and winter crops
– A variety of weed control techniques
– Efficient harvesting techniques
– Marketing through a Summer CSA, 2 local farmers markets and a Winter CSA
Our farm is part of C.R.A.F.T. – a Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training.  This means that once a month apprentices get to visit a new farm and learn about a specific topic relevant to farming.  Apprentices are also part of a wider community of other apprentices as well as new and seasoned farmers, adding valuable networking opportunities to their apprenticeship as well as the opportunity to make some amazing friends.
Apprentices live on farm.  Their accommodation and food is provided for.  We also take monthly farm tours to other active farms and the opportunity exists to customize farm tours depending on apprentices specific interests.  Access to our resource library as well as direct mentoring with business and farm planning are a few other perks for apprentices.
Food prep is shared and apprentices earn a modest stipend, in addition to room and board.  A valid drivers license is not required, but would be considered an asset.


We look forward to hearing from applicants who are seriously considering starting their own farm business in the next few years and want to refine their skills as well as those who are more generally interested in learning about market gardening and aren’t afraid to get dirty and work hard.
Here I am in Collingwood
For questions contact Mike directly at, or send a resume with cover letter.
Thank you


008  020


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