Farmers’ Market Pre-Buy Program

The Market Pre-Buy Program is designed for free-spirited eaters with refined palettes – those who know what they like, what they don’t, and don’t want to mess around. Here’s how it works: The first criteria for members is that they must want to commit to eating high-quality, local and organic produce from their local farmers’ […]

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Our Story

Kolapore Gardens came about from a deep desire to make a positive influence in the world, work to fix a broken food system, and as a way to create more life-affirming, healthy nourishment for the local communities of the Blue Mountains & Collingwood. A radically localized food system can provide healthier food for local communities, […]

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Life of a Seed & Value of CSA

Before any light is shed on the situation – there’s complete darkness. Now imagine no breath. Your only connection to anything is a gradual soaking up of water. Bit by bit, pore by pore, water comes in, filling every nook and cranny with the potential for full, vibrant life…

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What’s in a label?

This web of life that stretches across the surface of the crust of the earth is absolutely teaming with organisms [and they] all play a part in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and holding it in the soil.

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