Life of a Seed & Value of CSA

Before any light is shed on the situation – there’s complete darkness. Now imagine no breath. Your only connection to anything is a gradual soaking up of water. Bit by bit, pore by pore, water comes in, filling every nook and cranny with the potential for full, vibrant life…

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What’s in a label?

This web of life that stretches across the surface of the crust of the earth is absolutely teaming with organisms [and they] all play a part in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and holding it in the soil.

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Winter’s Harvest

The brilliance of autumn’s leaves is starting to fade, and the hope is we’ve all soaked up enough of the fire-like colours to keep warm & lively until spring. Another great way to enliven your winter is to continue eating seasonally with the best this area has to offer throughout the bleakest months of the […]

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Embracing Change

We’re heading into our fifth season of running the CSA on the land I affectionately call Kolapore Gardens, and the sixth year of growing roots in this soil. While you can imagine this is a busy time…

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Spinach & Carrots on the Menu!!!

The winter CSA finished up a few weeks ago, marking our 42nd week of production from when we started last year’s summer CSA in late May.  And just as the last celeriac roots made their way to people’s dinner plates I’ve been sowing the seeds for this coming autumn’s celeriac harvest – full circle!   […]

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A Gentle Fall

In this post: Under the Covers on Soil Health The Perfect Gift Idea What do you do when its early December and it feels like early October in the gardens?  Spread compost!  This mild weather has given me a luxurious window to prep the gardens for next spring.  This work includes spreading compost and adding […]

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