Kolapore Gardens came about from a deep desire to make a positive influence in the world, and as a way to create more life-affirming, healthy nourishment for the local communities of Grey Highlands, Collingwood and the Town of the Blue Mountains.

With its origins by the churt-laden creek-beds of a community once called Paradise (and now known as Kolapore) Kolapore Gardens has since moved from rented land to owned land in Grey Highlands.


Kolapore Gardens is about 1.5 acres of intensively managed vegetable, herb and flower production, with plenty of tree-lines and wild spaces for beneficials, pollinators and other wildlife to make their home

the lower garden, circa 2018 –

Soil health is maintained through a careful crop rotation, the addition of good compost, and the use of green manure crops to feed the soil life. Mike annually tests his soils for nutrients and believes a balanced soil is one of the main keys to growing healthy, delicious crops.

As of 2019 the farmer and fields decided to take a year of rest, to regroup and revision as the farm transitions to a new property in Grey Highlands.