Important Information

Below are some important details about some risks inherent in a CSA model, our policy on Refunds, Cancellations, Missed Pick Ups, and Changes to Delivery Locations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, Mike, with any questions, comments or constructive suggestions, I’m all ears!


The CSA model (Community Shared Agriculture) is a shared risk model in that no one knows for sure what kind of weather mother nature will offer up from season to season.

This adds an element of risk to the profession of farming that is unique from most other sectors.  But we need more farmers, and supporting a thriving local food system means supporting our local growers, regardless of the weather from week to week, and month to month.

While I take my job (growing the best vegetables, herbs and flowers possible) very seriously, and I take every precaution to ensure a bountiful harvest from season to season, certain elements, namely changing weather patterns, are completely out of my control.  So, some seasons, certain crops don’t perform as well as expected.  Similarly, sometimes crops seem to go crazy, producing more than I ever thought they could.

I try to mitigate the risk of crop failure in a few ways.  I grow crops both in open fields, and under cover of greenhouses and simple tunnels.  I also grow a diversity of crops, some thriving in hot dry conditions, others preferring cooler, moister conditions.  All in all, often, if one crop does poorly, another thrives.

That being said, CSA members and participants of Kolapore Gardens vegetable programs are sharing in the risk I as a farmer experience daily, being so deeply affected by the weather.

Participants need to acknowledge this risk, as it is a pivotal part of the CSA model, and I believe, an important part of building a resilient, local food system.


I do my best to serve my clients well.  I try to make sure they know what to expect before registering for a program.  I also encourage and try to foster an open dialogue with the greater Kolapore Gardens community – this means if you have any concerns about product or service quality, really any concerns with the program at all – please let me know.  I will do my best to make myself available by phone, e-mail, text or to chat in person about any concerns.

When considering signing up for a vegetable program or CSA, please be clear in your intent.  There is a $100 non-refundable deposit when registering for a program.  If extenuating circumstances arise, please don’t hesitate to contact me, as we may be able to find a mutually beneficial solution.  If, due to extenuating circumstances, a refund is required, the amount of balance remaining unused, minus the $100 deposit, will be returned.


Again, please be clear in your intent to sign up for a CSA or vegetable program.  If you need to cancel your registration, you may do so at any time, however a $100 non-refundable deposit may be retained.  To cancel, simply let me know.


Ideally put your order on hold, or let me know you can’t pick up – or, have someone pick up on your behalf.  I can’t guarantee your veggies will be held for you if you miss a pick-up and don’t give prior notice, but I also understand that many of us have very busy, sometimes chaotic lives, and that sometimes things like veggie pick-ups slip through the cracks.  So don’t hesitate to send me a note if you do forget.  I often have extra vegetables on hand and have made many alternate arrangements in the past for members who have forgotten.


No problem – I ask for a weeks’ notice so I can amend my harvest & delivery plans for the week to come.


Now that wasn’t so painful, was it?