Cream of Celery (and or Celeriac) Soup

Cream of Celery (or Celeriac) Soup

Start by sweating off some onions and garlic – I usually use butter but coconut milk or even olive oil could work.  Once nice and soft add broth and small chunks of peeled celeriac.  You can also add parsnips and root parsley to this for added sweetness and a multidimensional flavour.  After the celery root I add chopped stocks of celery (you can use the tops of celeriac and/or regular celery) and a few leaves – they have a strong flavour so be mindful of how many you add.  I’ll add a cup or two (depends on the size of the batch) of 10% or 18% cream, or a little less of 35% (or if your lucky enough -you don’t know or care what the exact percentage of milk fat is of your cream because you are able to get it unpasteurized from a local farmer!).  Let this cook for a little while to give the flavours a chance to come out and meld together.  Season with salt and pepper to taste, if you want.  I also enjoy adding herbs like thyme, winter savory, and oregano.

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