Garden Veg Medley Soup (Just throw it in the pot!)

This can easily be made vegetarian by using a vegetable broth.  That being said, meat can also complement this dish exceptionally well, as can a good chicken or beef broth.  This can also be magically transformed from a soup to a stew by tweaking the broth:veg ratio.

To make a veggie broth you can roast veggies in the oven first with some oil to bring out their flavours, or follow these steps…

Sweat off your onions and garlic in butter or coconut milk.  Add some water and lots of aromatic leaves (celery, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, savory, marjoram, basil, etc.).  Now you have a flavourful start, you can add some root crops like carrots, root parlsey, salsify, or cole crops like cabbage or kale.  Cook until soft.  If you`d like a tomato twist add plenty of fresh tomatoes (or even a can of paste to thicken things up a bit).  This soup does well with zucchini and summer squash added, as well as leafy greens like swiss chard, spinach, or some wild lambs quarters, pig weed or dandelion leaves (if it isn`t too late in the season). Don`t forget, a pinch of salt goes a long way!

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