Green Tomato Venison Chili

This recipe offers a great way to make use of green tomatoes, as well as a variety of other herbs and vegetables.  The ground venison can be exchanged for beef, bison, moose, or whatever.


2 cups green tomatoes, very finely chopped

butter – enough to get things cooking
1/2 cup red ripe tomato (or tomato paste or sauce – good thing you froze or canned some tomatoes when they were coming like gangbusters!)
1/4 cup paprika
1 or two hot peppers – traditionally chili peppers would be used but I`ve had great results with jalepeno, habenero, hungarian hot wax and others
2 or 3 big onions (chopped)

celery – 4 good sized stocks

garlic – the more the better
1 lb venison steak (cubed) – optional
1 lb ground venison
if you like beans you can add 1 1/2 cups beans or chickpeas
1 oz apple cider vineager

black pepper to taste – at least a few large pinches, maybe even a few spoonfuls

1 tablespoon fresh parsley


1 Sweat off onions in pot with butter, as they start to turn golden add chopped garlic & celery, keeping a close eye as not to let things stick & burn – slow and low is the key to cooking this recipe!
2 In the meantime, chop up green tomatoes (about 5 large ones) and, if using ripe tomatoes, chop those up also.
3 Add the cubed steak to the pot and sear until it is just pink in the center.
4 Cook seasoned ground beef.

5 Add chopped green & red (or yellow or purple or striped…) tomatoes to pot & mix

6 Add the cooked ground venison & any remaining ingredients (hot pepper, black pepper)

7. Once the contents are thoroughly hot add the beans (if you want). If they are not canned you should cook them thoroughly first.  Cooking this for a while can really bring out the complex flavours, as well as thicken the chili, if that is what you like.

Serve with fresh parsley garnish on top (or cilantro)


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