Before we get started I should talk about stock.  I thoroughly enjoy eating responsibly raised meat, and making broth from the bones and other inedible parts makes the whole experience that much richer.  I just finished using up the last of my turkey broth from thanksgiving – all we did was sort through the carcass for any remaining bits of meat (an excellent addition to your next soup) and put all of the bones and skin in a pot full of water and let it slowly simmer for hours (the longer the better).  While I don’t always use this as a base for my soups, I use it quite a bit.  You can also make broth from lamb, beef, llamma, rabbit, venison, lobster – pretty much anything.

Alternatively you can make a veggie broth.  In my mind this can be done quite tastefully but it is in no way a fair replacement for a broth based on animal fats.  For more about making a veggie broth check out my Garden Veg Medley Soup recipe, where I go into that in more detail.

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