Sorrel Soup

Sorrel Soup :

saute half an onion (can use leeks as a replacement or in addition to onion)

add 1 bunch of sorrel.  saute for a little longer

add 4 cups ( around) water+ veggie stock or your own stock

1 laurel leaf

2 berries of all spice.

At this point you can add 1 chopped up potato,
and simmer until the potatoe is soft, or you can opt for hard boiled eggs cut into quarters, which you add into you bowl.

When the soup is done, turn of the heat and add some cream
about 2 tbsp ( traditional Polish) or unsweetened non dairy milk, just enough so the soup will change colour to whitish.

One thought on “Sorrel Soup

  1. Delicious!!! Have never had sorrel before. We used leeks and onions, and topped with the hard boiled eggs. Thanks for the recipe Mike!


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