Tomato-Squash & Beef Stew

Squamato-Beef Surprise!

This is a great one that Jen I subsist on largely throughout the winter.    Ingredients include:

Winter squash – You can stick to one variety, or mix and match for desired taste and consistency.  As the months pass, properly cured winter squash become sweeter and sweeter.

Tomato  – again each variety of tomato will change the outcome – play around, have some fun!

Beef – I have substituted this for pork sausage, and even ground llama – your imagination is your only boundary here!  I prefer GRASS-FED, PASTURED beef, or any meat for that matter.  Wild venison would work well here too.


Bake squash in oven (at 325) on a lightly oiled pan until a fork can easily poke through the skin and flesh

Mash the squash and add either fresh, frozen or canned tomatoes.  Adding more or less tomatoes will alter the consistency, making this dish more like a soup, or more like a stew.  I prefer somewhere in between.

In a seperate pan, sautee the meat, I usually use a little butter for this part.

Once the meat is cooked, add it to the squash and tomtatoes.

For heat lovers, adding hot peppers is an excellent option.  One could also add kale, swiss chard, zucchini, or anything else to achieve that specific point of excellence that is different for everyone.


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