Come on Baby Light My Fire!

I’m cooking with fire in the greenhouse now!  It’s nice to have a quiet shelter from the raging winds and still-bitterly cold temperatures.  And the seedlings I’ve started appreciate it too, they’ve told me.

There are only a few spots left in the CSA,

so if you’ve been thinking you’d like to sign up for weekly Veggies, Herbs and Flowers That Will Knock Your Heart Out (or heal it), don’t delay!  I’ll be posting pictures of the seedlings soon, but like human babies, they are at the “too young to be photogenic state” right now – just the first frail leaves – I’d like to wait until they have some true leaves, and their personalities can really shine!

So instead, here is a picture of the greenhouse, where I’ve been busy working the last few weeks.  Through the night I stoke the wood stove to keep the seedlings warm.  Here’s what the greenhouse looks like when I’m busy at work at the wee hours of the morning…

"What's he doing in there?"

One of the many positive aspects of being up in the middle of the night is hearing the wildlife that stays quiet through the day.  I’ve been paying close attention to the packs of coyotes yipping and calling, as well as the nearby hoot of an owl.

I’ve also been blessed with fresh greens!  I don’t have enough for too many others right now, but if you’re really hungry, come on by.  Wild edible plants have been popping up, awakened by the new climactic conditions in the greenhouse.  And I’ve been munching on them voraciously.  This past week, the highlights have been sunflower sprouts, parsley that has over-wintered quite well, and tender young dandelion leaves.  WHAT?  When they’re young, they are delicious; not as bitter as the root, or as the leaves will be as the plants develop.  A good spring tonic to clean the liver and gallbladder, dandelion is also a cleansing diuretic full of potassium, something many diuretics will leave you wishing you had more of.  Dandelion can also be helpful for those suffering from rheumatism.  Just think, people spray toxic chemicals on the earth to destroy such a helpful plant!  If that isn’t an example of our culture’s insanity, I don’t know what is.

The greenhouse under an "oh-so-close full moon"

For those of you worried about the state of the gardens, animals and greenhouse here at the farm after those solar flares: don’t worry – every thing is fine.

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