It’s Finally Spring!

The vernal equinox, which is the mid-point between the winter and summer solstice, was actually yesterday, but I thought I’d make a quick post to celebrate the changing of the seasons, so here it is!

"vernal what? quack, quack!"
"Vernal equinox? I think he's just happy the days are so much longer"

There are a handful of spots left in the CSA.

I am also happy to announce that in my excitement for the coming season I started more seedlings than I’ll need, so I’m looking to find loving homes for some of them.  It is still early now, so I’ll offer more detail as to what I have as we get closer to a better time to plant them out.

One thought on “It’s Finally Spring!

  1. Hey Mike,
    We will be looking for seedlings for our community gardens! If you’re keen to donate some, just email me ( You can also bring them to Seedy Sunday (April 29th at the Kimberley Gen Store), you’ll likely be able to find homes from them there 🙂



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