Solstice Seeds

The potential of a seed is so incredible.  With enough moisture it can swell, often to twice its size, and then burst, sending down a root radical and also reaching for the sun with one or two tender cotyledons.  Under the right conditions, this fragile sprout can grow so quickly that within one relatively short growing season (such as here, up on the mountain), pounds of fruit, or bunches of greens, tight, firm rings of an onion or a dense, sweet root can develop and feed a person or family.

As of late I have been delving into seed catalogues and choosing the vegetables and varieties for next year.

An organge Cherry Tomato I started dehybridizing several years ago

This year I am buying seeds I need mainly from two seed companies.

William Dam, in West Flamborough, Ontario, specializes in varieties suitable for northern gardeners offering completely untreated seed as well as a selection of certified organic varieties (  

High Mowing, in Vermont. which is a farm-based, 100% Certified Organic Seed Company (

I will also be making small orders from Johnny’s Select Seeds from Maine as well as a few smaller, local seed companies, such as Hawthorne Seeds (, Terra Edibles (, and possibly Urban Harvest (

Our most recent full moon over one of the garden plots

Check out the new page, titled Sign Me Up!  I have included information about a post-dated payment plan, as well as working shares – a great way to get your hands dirty and learn about organic agriculture.

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